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Red Barn

December 22, 2008
By Anonymous

I had never been to Red Barn, and I didn’t know what it was like, if it was going to be fun or as boring as a twenty-minute lecture. But I took my chances, and we left.

After just one hour, and we were. Immediately I saw two fences. I couldn’t wait to see what they held.

We checked in and went to our site. So far so good. When we got settled, Brittany and I went to go explore. First, the fences! In one fence there were two big black hoses. We tried to bet them but they were too skittish and galloped away. The other fence, there were two miniature ponies and three llamas! I had never been so close to a llama in my life. There was a mama, a papa, and a baby. I kept trying to get close, so I fed them grass, but then the dad pranced over to me, glared at me, and then he spit on me! It felt like little pellets shooting at my face. So I spit back on hem, and we started to have a spit fight. Finally, I just stomped at hem, and he ran away. I guess llamas aren’t so good after all.

When we finished with the llamas, miniature ponies, and horses, we move on. We saw bunnies in a cage. I opened the cage and felt one of them, like a little ball of fir. Then a whole bunch of babies scattered out of their little house. Rex Bunnies, so soft like fabric that was alive. We saw chickens, too, and then we tried the gulf course. We had a lot of fun. We hit a barn with its basketballs and Ping-Pong tables. The first day was a blast.

The next three days were awesome! We played more basketball, mini-gulf, Frisbee gulf, and played on the playground, everything was old fashioned and unlike.

But after the llamas, the next best thing was the hayride. Brittany and I ran to it, only one more family was on board. The driver went on and on about how Red Barn was created and founded, so many details to remember that I was overwhelmed and impressed. We also saw lots of nature and flowers; it was like I was on to of the rainbow.

When we were done with the ride, we had to pack up and leave. I will always remember.

Lesson one, don’t get in a spit fight with a lama
Lesson two, a vacation with friend and family is always a good thing.

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