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My Trip to Disney World

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever been to a place were you are feeling like you can stay there and it will never get old. Well two summers ago my family and I went to Disney. We had a great time and it was exciting.
My sister, Chelsie, was counting down the days for a month. When two days away from the trip came, we were starting to lie out our clothes and get ready. The next day we loaded up our clothes into our suitcases and made sure we didn’t forget a bathing suit. When that morning came our whole family was excited! We got up at four o clock in the morning to get ready and get our suitcases loaded up in the van. My dad, Tobias, likes to get to the Indianapolis airport really early so we don’t miss the flight but we are sitting in our section for about an hour. We got through successfully and we got something to eat at Wendy’s in the airport. We also saw a guy that was pretty short and was on his laptop. He looked rich and had really broad shoulders and looked young. When I asked my dad he said it was Darrel Armstrong that plays for the Indy Pacers and we got his autograph. When we got on I called window because it was all the kids and me first time flying. After all the instructions were taken care of the lady told us it was about a three hour long flight and my dad gave us candy so our ears didn’t pop. It was a pretty good plane ride over!
When we arrived we didn’t know were the tutorial was. We were waiting for like thirtyminutes and then finally we asked someone that we couldn’t find the suitcases. The lady told us just to get on the Magical Express and when we get to our cabin the luggage would be at our door. Our cabin was in a little neiborhood of cabins and there was just a bus stop in the middle and on top of the busses it showed which amusement park it was going to. My dad gets sick if he is not driving or in front of the car. So almost every time we got on a bus he got sick and got a headache. My mom, Carin, is usually fine but on our way back from some of the amusement parks she sleeps and we have to wake her up. When we opened the door to our cabin we loved it. It was like a little house and on one wall it had a bed pull down and that is where I slept.
Before we could get settled in we had to go shopping. So we went to Downtown Disney and Crossroads. We got a lot of groceries. Well enough to last us about seven days. We decided to eat lunch out most of the time and eat supper at the cabin but sometimes we just ate supper at the park.
The second day was our first whole day there and we decided to go to Animal Kingdom. Now I usually don’t get sick from water rides but we rode Whitewater Rafting and I still to this day think that that was not the thing that made me sick but I threw up six times that day and had to go to the First Aid for like and hour and a half. After I got out my sister , Kalyn, told me that we had fast passes to Mount Everest , the biggest roller coaster in the park but I figured if I throw up one more time it doesn’t matter as long as I can say I rode it.
We went to my favorite amusement park and it had the Rockin’ Roller Coaster and the Tower of Terror and that was about it. It was mostly a collectable park but it was awesome. I loved the Rockin’ Roller Coaster and rode it like seven times and got a t-shirt. I also rode the Tower of Terror. It was the first drop ride I have ever ridden and it rocked!

It was really hot on the fourth day so we decided to go to Blizzard Beach. We were going to go to Epcot but we decided to do that after the water park. We went to Epcot three out of the seven days we were there. When we were at Blizzard Beach I went down all three massive water slides and they gave me a wedgie but they were still fun. The other fun thing was the wave pool. I was in there for like an hour!
Magical Kingdom was the biggest park and was mostly for little kids. It was my sisters sixteenth birthday this day and she got to eat in Cinderella’s Castle with the characters with my little sister and my mom. Me my brother, Blake, and my dad just walked around and ate and rode the log fall. We went there two out of seven days for my little sister.
Those last two days were pretty boring and I was getting frustrated. I was frustrated because they weren’t doing the things that I wanted to do but I learned that if people do a lot of things for you you should just appreciate what they do and not argue.

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on Jun. 6 2017 at 5:28 pm
Great essay

hguiok1236 said...
on Sep. 17 2014 at 5:06 pm
i love the beginning of the essay but i started feeling down after I read everything, it good but it not the best