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Once In a Life Time

October 30, 2008
By Anonymous

One morning my mom woke up to the house phone ringing in her ear. Wondering what was happening next since her car got broken into and they stole her computer. Depressed and as sad as she was she picked up the phone and said "Hello" "Good Morning" as the man spoke "You will be on Regis and Kelly this morning." My mom was electrified in excitement, but she thought it was a joke. I was up by then up knowing she wanted to tell everyone she could. One of the biggest morning shows in New York she was going to be on.
The man called later that morning going through questions and such. Next thing you know we got the spinner spun which landed on a luxurious trip to a beautiful place called Jamaica. Just one question away from winning my family and me a trip there. Watching it live on the TV, Regis asked my mom a question and the next thing you know my mom got it right! Four tickets for my dad, mom, brother, and me to all go on that trip. That day I will never forget sitting there half asleep but so excited for my family and I and its something that my mom needed, a trip away from the hot humid desert. It’s like what a lot of people say, when something bad happens to you something good will always come around.
Getting on the plane ride sitting next to my big annoying brother was the only thing that disappointed me that whole trip, but I wasn’t going to let it get to me. Going from LAX to Atlanta, Georgia to finally Jamaica was the longest day of my life I swear! From sitting on a plane for hours, to waiting for our next plane ride for hours in an airport I just wanted to get there already. Excitement got to me the closer we where to getting there.
That long day got to me, but not till we landed in Jamaica, got our luggage and now driving about 45 minutes to an hour to get to our resort. So humid out I felt like I was outside a tropical rain forest. Walked out the car to the hot, humid air and to the front counter so my mom could check us in. My mom leading the way into the room I was so stunned I ran upstairs put my stuff down and told my parents that I was going to “explore.”
I will never forget that day when I got in the bath water for the first time that ran through my body with warmth and this first dinner I had there with my family. If I had another choice I would go there again with no hesitation because that was one of the weeks that I will never forget in my whole life.

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