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Good Time at the Lake

October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Summer is one of the greatest vacations that a kid could ever think about. I know that when my school year winds down I look forward to summer and going to the lake. I always look forward to seeing my neighbors because I have become attached to them over the years; they represent my second brothers and sisters, simply because we care for one another. I just love the freedom that is allows me and all of the others. I enjoy being able to sleep in and most of all how warm the air and the water gets so you can have fun in it. The best part about being up there in my opinion is the water sports that you can participate in. There is a huge variety of events you can do, for instance tubing, skiing, knee boarding, wake boarding, wake skating, parasailing, and many more. Some of the other advantages of being on a lake and away from police and towns are that you can drive your four-wheeler, and golf carts, and dirt bikes all over. If you are somewhat lucky, you might have a golf course right across the street which is very convenient for golfing as much as you want with a member-ship. Then for people that we know we have been inviting guests up for big events or just to be nice to people. One of our biggest ones is the Fourth of July when we have about twenty to thirty people up to have fun, eat, and watch all of the fireworks around the lake including ours. Most of the time it is just my parents who invite the people up but sometimes my brothers and I get to invite up some of our friends for a day or two and tube, or do what we want for fun. During the summer it is super fun to have a bond fire, then everyone comes over and makes conversation, but most of all everyone makes smore’s and little weenies as we call them. One year we lay down in our grass which feels exactly like a bed after everyone was filled up on camp fire goods, and we counted over 100 shooting stars. It was one of my most memorable nights of any of my summers.

I enjoy going up there in the winters sometimes too. It is excitingly fun especially when it snows because then we take our snowmobile and four-wheeler and go out on the ice and drive them all over the lake. If it is calm enough we will pull sleds. One year we had this flat waxy sled and we pulled it the way you would pull a knee board except on snow. You have to be careful although because on the point the ice isn’t very thick you will fall through, because I know of a couple of people that have done that numerous times, with trucks, cars, go carts, and most of all four-wheelers. If we are smart enough we will call and maybe get lucky and our neighbors will come up and will see each other for the first time since summer. Mostly everyone on our side of the lake has a snowmobile or four-wheeler. I really look forward to winter after summer just because I get to do something in both of these. I like summer but winter comes very close in there with it. I cannot wait until this winter and then most of all for the next summer, so I can ride my jet ski again.

The author's comments:
I love going to the lake i feel completely free and i feel like i can do anything

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