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the worst run ever

October 2, 2008
By Anonymous

The most Horrible Run EVER

It all started when my dad and I decided to turn the wrong way at the “better chance of survival that way” sign.

We where instantly greeted with and icy cross over to the run and once the run was in sight it wasn’t too promising. We were still on a layer of ice and we could already see that there were big moguls.

Once we were overt to the main run my cousin took the first endless bend around one of the moguls and yelled, “ It get’s a lot better.”

Reassured I went down next. It seemed like a hundred years to the other side. It was a continuous bend, curved around the mogol. Finally I got to the other side of the gigantic mogol.

I shouted back to my dad, “you can come around now.”

I waited for him to come around the bend.

SSSSSSSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOISSSSSHHHHHHHHH. I got a face full of powder from my dad. He was laughing once I cleared my goggles from the powder. He then was gasping for breath because of the high altitude. He chuckled again.

He panted, “ Those” gasp “are big mother ******” he pause. Then said “ You are allowed to swear on a hard hill.”

So I continued down the hill panting like a dog who hasn’t had water in a week? I also thought about what dad had said. I had never heard him swear like that before.

I turned around the next huge mogul and the next and the next… I then finnaly found myself at the end of the run. But when I looked down there was something even worse. The iciest run I had ever seen. The weather must have frozen it over. I was about to enter the hardest run that I had done in a long time.

“Wammmmmmmmmm” I hit a mogul and went flying down the run. I couldn’t stop it was just too icy. So I fell. Have you ever fallen going down an icy ruff run at 15 miles an hour? Well that’s just what I did. I fell down making all the snow plow into my jacket and pants instantly freezing me. Then I dug the edges of my skis into the ground making what remained of powder explode upward.

So now I am going down a hill freezing cold, going 15 miles per hour, and I couldn’t see. I was slowing down but still going fast when I decided to get up on my skis. I heaved myself onto my skis and turned left because it had always seemed easier. I soon slowed down to a stop. I took a deep breathe of relief. My heart was pounding. That had been crazy.

Once I was near the bottom of the hill the snow finally got a little softer and I a little happier. I glided down to the bottom of the hill and looked up. The hill didn’t look that steep and the moguls on the top looked tiny. All I had to say to myself was wow that was stupid.

After the run I had a fine time going down the hills while it was a blazing 60 degrees. When I look back on that run I just want to do it again and again until it becomes as easy as any other run, but chances are I’m not going back to Montana in a longtime. So finnaly I learned to do something and complete it otherwise you may always regret not doing it again.

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