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Adak, Alaska

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

There I was at eighteen years old on my way to a place I’ve never been. BOOT-CAMP! After eight weeks of boot camp, I learned the Navy’s way of doing things so I was ready to go out to the fleet. The Navy put me on a plane and headed north. I kept going and going and finally landed on an island in a chain of islands called Adak. I got off the plane and looked around and saw there was not a tree to be found. I turned to a solider and said “I think I’m in the wrong place”. He said “ Where are you going’? I replied “Adak”. he turned me around and pointed to a sign that said “Adak”. he turned to me once again and said “Glad to have you aboard”. after that a solider with a truck took me and several other Navy guys over to the barracks. At that time, we found out where we were going to sleep and eat. Later on in the week, we went to the other side of the island and found some of the best fishing we had ever seen. Even though this place had no trees and the average wind blew fifty miles per hour each day, I can honestly say it was a home away from home.

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