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My trip to Venice

January 25, 2008
By Anonymous

We were coming to the last five days of our trip, the days I dreaded but wanted at the same time. It was Venice, we were going to spend the last five days in Venice. On the first exciting day in Venice we explored the city on water. When the first awesome day was over we went to an ice cream shop and bought ice cream and went to St. Marco's square to eat it and watch the sunset. I couldn't wait for the next day because we were going to go to shopping. So my mom said it is time to go back to the hotel. She said she knew a short cut. I said, “ I bet you 5 Euro that it is going to lead us to some where other than our hotel!” and guess what I was right.

It was the start of the second day in Venice. We all got dressed and went outside and split up. My Mom and I went right to the Rialto bridge to eat ice cream. When we were finished eating our ice cream and taking pictures, we went to the other side. When we got to the other side I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!! It was about a hundred small canvases that were used like little stores. The first thing I wanted to buy was glass, Morono glass, to be precise. We went to a little red canvas first I saw a container of little candies, glass candies. I asked my mom if I should buy them and she said wait until we see different peoples prices. So I went to more canvases for about a half hour, until we went to a blue canvas and I saw a bowl of beautiful glass candies and they were only 25 Euro cents. It was the end of the day. I had gotten what I wanted and my grandma came in the room and said ” We are going to Morono tomorrow.” So I went to bed knowing I would get a free tour of a glass making place that was offered by our hotel.

It was the third day of our trip, the day we were going to Morono. It was the 8:30 when the boat came to pick us up. When we got to the island, there was a guy waiting for us, so he could lead us to the glass shop. When we got to the glass shop the guy lead us to the basement and you know basements are usually freezing cold, well this basement was steaming hot. It was so hot it was like stepping into an oven. At the bottom of the steps there was a man he said “Hi.” and I was surprised because you'd think an Italian glass maker would usually speak Italian and nothing else we all said hi back he asked “Where are you from?”

I answered “Mattawan Michigan U.S.A. He said “I went to college at Western Michigan and came back here to be a glass maker. Now do you want to make some glass?” He asked me.

I said “yes.”

I thought this is going to be so cool. The told me not to breath in. When I had to take a breath to take a breath take my mouth away from the tube and inhale. After the little tour he gave us, we went out to buy some glass in Morono.

On our last full day in Italy, we went to the Duiko Palace. We looked almost all the way thru it and we saw a weapon storage unit and they had a turret in their storage unit. My mom got clausterphobic and wouldn't let me go inside the bridge of Sighs.

After that, we had to bed and get up early the next day to leave.

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