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The Trip To Afghanistan

November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

A lot of people go different place for summer vacation. Well I went to a completely different place in summer vacation. I went to a different continent, a different country; I went on the other side of the world. I went to Afghanistan. I am from Afghanistan. My parents lived there for couple years and moved to Pakistan because the war. Then they came to America! That’s where I was born. I was born in New Jersey. We took a plane to Pakistan and then a bus ride to Afghanistan.

We got anything that could be helpful to us for the trip. We got things that you couldn’t get easily in Afghanistan. Then we went on the bus and left. It took more than 1 day. It took 48 hours. Then after a long 2 days we were in our homeland. I was in the village where my parents, grandparents, and even my great-grandparents lived!! We were now in our land which we owned. We walked to our houses and then I see what Afghanistan was really like!

When I see everyone we greeted each other. Then we all sit down with grapes and other fruits in front of us. The grapes were round as the globe and green as a new cut lawn. Then they talk. They talk in a different language so I don’t understand. But my dad summarizes what they are talking about. My mom is with the ladies. Then we go to sleep on the “beds” that are made by hand. It is weaved and then they add some blankets and mattresses on top. That’s what we sleep on. We live near a “corner store” which has some daily stuff we need but if we need lights we go on a hike 2 hours away to get what we want.

In the morning we go and look over the land and other people greet us with food as well. They usually serve meat with bread and fruits. I get the fruits and bread with water. But they also serve sometimes chicken. We talk and go play in the lakes and rivers. We also play with slingshots.

With the slingshots we get a target far away and we shoot it. It is so fun. We make our own slingshots. The slingshots are made from tree branches. They get their pocket knife and carve a “Y” shape. Then they get a cloth and some stretchy material and put it on the 2 ends of the. Then you get a rock and a target and SHOOT! Since I was new the oldest kid and the best kid with the slingshots gave me his. I said thank you and I think he understands. They all know a little bit of English. But it is fun.

Then we go and look around. While we look around we also get the fruits on the trees and bushes. The land is like the Mayas. There are terraces that they grow corn, fruits, and raise animals. While we walk around our land we always have couple men to protect us from danger because it is very dangerous! The grass is beautiful. It is so soft and green. It is like a cat’s fur. The trees are really easy and fun to climb. If you climb them you usually get a good view around the place. When I saw the mountains I saw them as an ice cream cone upside down. The top of the mountains had snow. The color of the mountain was grey, green, white, and a warm blue. The top of the mountain was blue. The whole mountain was green and grey. The tippi top of the mountain had nice white snow. The mountains were so cool it was like it was fake. It also looked like a photo or a painting. The top of some mountains had snow and some didn’t.

There is this one place that I really love. It is a little pond that we swim in. It has big fishes inside the pond. I once tried to catch it but it was to hard. The pond is very, very, cold! The water is cold as the Artic Ocean. The water is from the mountains. The water is very fresh and clear. On the side of the pond there is a little area of sand. Well sand is all over the place. Then we put all the sand where it was a good place. We even it out and then we had a place to sit! It was so cool. My uncle and my cousins helped made it. Then we went back home.

The next day was all work. I had to take pots and fill them up with water. The pots were made from clay. The colors of the pots were a dark orange. First I went down the stone steps. Getting to the river down the stone steps was hard because it was slippery. When I was at the river I saw the water. It was so clean and pure. When I put the pot into the water it was cold. We filled them up and then I left. We went to the field and got the grain. When we were there it was like a maze where it never ends. It was so cool. Then we came back. Getting the grain was fun because it was easy and it was hard getting your way out.

When we were home I saw how they made bread, cooked their food, and even wash their clothes! It was so amazing. They make their bread in a hole. Well the hole is made out of mud and dirt. Then when it is dry and firm they put sticks and wood in it. After that they get the dough and put it in a circular shape. Then they stick it on to the inside of the hole. The fire in the hole isn’t a lot. It is like after all the fire is gone then they put the bread.

“Wow. Mommy can I do that. It is so cool. It is so cool when the bread sticks to the inside of the hole,” I said.

“No. You will burn yourself. You got to be good at this or we wont have dinner tonight,” my mom told me.

But I helped them make the hole in the bread. There is this tool you use to make a dotted hole into the bread. The tool is like a stamp but a bigger handle. It also has small spikes on the bottom of it. Its fun pressing it through the bread. But if you push it in to hard it’ll rip. That’s how they make bread.

They wash their clothes in a little river near the house. They get the soap and then they mix it all together. Then when the soap is off the clothes they put it on rocks in a sunny place to dry. I helped once but then I stopped. It was very hard. They cook their food by getting sticks. The sticks are for the fire. Then they put a huge pan over it and then they cook it. They get a pot to put other foods. I sometimes help to make the fire. It’s so fun.

Then after couple weeks we left. They all missed us. We took a hike back where the cars were. Most of my relatives came to say goodbye and come again. How did I know they said that? I know some of my language. Then my uncle bought 100 Pam Pam cakes. It is the best mini cake ever!!! It is so good. It is like a regular yellow cake but in the inside is cream that melts into your mouth like warm chocolate. The outside is warm and fluffy. He gave one to everyone. Then the cars came. This time we went to our cousins family and then to Pakistan. We were in the taxis for a while. Then after couple hours we were at our cousin’s house. We said goodbye to them as well.

When then took the bus to Pakistan. I had a strange feeling I want to go back and stay with them forever. I really never knew them but it was like I knew them for years. I also learned so much about them. I learned how to make the best slingshot. I learned how to make bread. Lastly I learned my culture and how I can live in Afghanistan. Then I took a long nap.

When I woke up it was night and we were in the back of our house. I was so happy. I was so tired and then I thought about my whole experience with them. Then that was the end. When could I go back? When could I see them again? If I see them will they look different? I thought they will, I thought I will go to Afghanistan again!

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