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October 24, 2022
By Anonymous

Mürren, is a town full of so many wonders and natural beauties. The mountains, always capped with snow on its tips, the cows roaming on the streets where no cars go, and the bells of the town, ringing in harmony filling the town with a sweet tune. 

I have always had a special place for mountains in my heart. I love to see them when I am driving and when I wake up in the morning. Skiing down the slopes of Colorado or Utah always fills me with a sense of excitement. Mountains to me are nature's biggest blessing and gift. They not only create a beautiful canvas but bring a sense of wonder to the eye, something different to see. 

I was in seventh grade when I visited Mürren, Switzerland. It’s a small town high up in the mountains where no cars are to be seen. Only people and cows roam the streets with a population of about 150 people. Everyone is so nice in Mürren which made me want to be nice back. Its kind people always left me with a smile on my face. It’s calm and serene like nothing I've ever seen before. The calmness of the town made me intentionally happier. The mountains surrounding me always left me with a sense of awe and serenity.

The neutral tones of the town, brown and green, filled me with a great sense of joy. The buildings and houses blend in with the mountains and green prairies. Flowers overflow the prairies with purple and yellow undertones. The waterfalls falling from the mountain peaks fill my ears with their splashing gracefully onto the stream. I walk around the town with grace and with peace of mind, taking in all the wondrous views all around me. 

Mountains will forever have a special place in my heart for the sense of wonder it gives me and the serenity it fills me with. I hope to be surrounded by mountains for the rest of my life and hope to visit Mürren, Switzerland sometime very soon.

The author's comments:

A love for mountains. 

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