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World Series Trophy

October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

To me there would be no greater feeling in the world than to win the World Series. There are many reasons why you would want to win that but the most important one is the history of that trophy. All most every great baseball player has had the opportunity to hoist that trophy and make their fans the happiest people in the world. This trophy is America’s past time and holds all the history of the greatest game ever to be played. To me it is the greatest accomplishment that I could ever achieve because of the fact that the game is one of the few life experiences I enjoy doing that makes me happy. It is like reaching something in your life you always have dreamed about and making that dream a reality would be unthinkable.
The only thing is that nothing ever comes easy and that does not change when it comes to winning this trophy. If you asked any of the players that have won the series, not one will ever say it was easy. But with hard work and determination anything is possible, just look at the Tampa Bay Rays. That team was the worst team in baseball last year and never had a season with over 80 wins. Until manager Joe Maddon got this team on a winning road. I can guarantee the team worked harder than any other club. They may not have the talent as the Yankees and Red Sox but they do have young players who love the game and have one goal and that is to bring the World Series trophy to Tampa Bay for the first time in the history of baseball. Hard work will always beat talent unless that talent works hard, and Tampa Bay defiantly has the effort and determination to bring that trophy home. There is really only one way a team is remembered and that is by winning and so far we will remember this team in the search for the greatest trophy in the world.
I know that if I would ever have the chance to put my hands on that trophy I would get the chills because I am touching the same trophy that players like; Kirby Pucket, Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome, and many other great ball players have touched. If there is a goal you have set in your life and it is meeting the president or visit a historical land mark, the goal in my life is to hoist that trophy and make a city proud. It is just as big of a deal to me as it is to players now and players in the future. The only experience I want to happen before I get to hold the trophy is I want to see my favorite team, the Chicago Cubs, be able to put the so called curse behind them, shut the critics up, and hold the trophy proud as can be. I know they can do it all they have to do is work at it with the team they got and stop trying to buy the trophy. That trophy is the greatest thing in the world to me and many others and will always be.

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