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Football Injuries, Causing Post-Career Problems

September 27, 2008
By Anonymous

Ah, yes, football season has began. The game of hard hits and touchdown celebrations. However, now doctors are looking into the problems that can occur after a career in football. In a 1997 study, two doctors state ten percent of college and 20 percent of high school football athletes have brain injuries. Do we really want to take that chance? Those numbers are decreasing, but still scary. A recent problem that occured was in September 2007, when Buffalo Bills player, Kevin Everett, was hurt on the opening kickoff-- on opening day. Everett sustained a fracture and dislocated his cervical spine. At one time was "life threating", Everett found a way to walk. This was a freak acident, but still holds the point that life will be different for Everett for the rest of his life. As you can see, football injuries are becoming for common, but are being overshadowed by the love of the game.

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