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September 17, 2008
By Anonymous

The day before the motocross race started out as out as me falling off the bed and waking up at 10 am. I looked in the mirror and saw my cool long blonde messy hair. Then eating breakfast, for breakfast I had scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes it was good after I took a shower then I rode my dirt bike to Zack Phillips house and hung out for a little while and then we rode down to the trails and went mudding. We got stuck a few times and by 1 o’clock we were covered in dirt and mud. We rode and rode a lot we flew threw mud and water. And then we got done and started riding home with a 2 mile ride and halfway there Zack ran out of gas and I didn’t want to be mean so I pushed my dirt bike for 1 mile with him and finally we got back and got some rest before the big race tomorrow which I was racing in.

On the day of the motocross race I put gas and oil in my Honda dirt bike. I pushed it up on to the trailer and latched it down. I stepped into the car and soon enough we were at the dirt bike track. I kicked my dirt bike once and it started. I knew I had been riding a lot longer and the riders on the track can’t jump like me. I new was going to smoke them I was going fast and doing well on the jumps then I hit the finish line and fell but only got cuts and bruises. At least I won the race.

In the end I relised that should never be over confident or cocky. Right before I left some guy walked up to me and said “How long have you been riding he said.” “What’s it to you” I replied. “I’m from Thor motocross” he said. My mouth dropped. “You want a sponsor” he said. I couldn’t talk. “Yes sir” I said.

Then I got back on my dirt bike and launched on to the muddy dirt bike track racing and jumping to new heights. I finally cleared the 90ft triple and landed it after many attempts to clear it and finally I got a perfect landing. And when I got to where the guy whom I have not learned his name from Thor, was congratulating me. I was so happy I finally did that jump and I also relised don’t ever be mean to adults because it mite be something good.

The author's comments:
12 years old I ride dirtbikes

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