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The Game of Tennis

August 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Standing at the net, just waiting for the serve to go over and land besides me and for my partner behind me to return the serve back over. As the ball is in play, me and my partner both move up and down and side to side on the court to move to the ball to where ever it lands, to try to keep it in play. Meanwhile were both hitting the ball over the net whenever the ball meets with our racquets to keep the play going on. Finally the opposing team hits the ball, and puts it into the net, making us win the first point of the game.

Being able to play tennis takes a lot of practice and training. When it comes to practice, lessons should be taken at least twice a week along with practicing by yourself in between lessons. There is also a lot of running is involved in tennis. You need to have fast feet and upper body strength to be hit the ball hard is it can move faster. These skills are so important if you would want to play on your schools varsity team or play USTA tournaments. Your tennis skill will easily be improved by playing a great number of matches. When you play your first match, it can be nerve wrecking. When you’re playing someone you’ve never played before, you have to be ready, because when your playing somebody new you don’t know their strengths or weaknesses, and they don’t know yours either. In tennis not only do you have to be physically, you also have to be mentally strong too. You need to think positive and not think that you’re going to lose, because if you think like that you’re going to lose. And after playing a few points you’ll start to learn more about you’re opponent and how they play.

Tennis can be either played for enjoyment or competition. Either way you play tennis, athleticism is defiantly required.

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whoa dude said...
on Oct. 13 2010 at 2:23 pm
I like a fast moving game too!