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Just Another Soccer Game

May 6, 2008
By Anonymous

SWISH!! Everyone saw the black and white ball hit the back of the net. The coach and parents of our team cheered. Our team high fived and congratulated each other.

It was just a regular old Wednesday. I was at the middle school field playing soccer. My team was winning. It wasn't that hard, we knew we would win. The other team was very very stressed though. They were being way aggressive,maybe too aggressive...they were fouling us off the ying yang.

My teammates and I were passing the soccer ball down the long green field ready to make another goal. We got it from the defenders to the midfields and the midfields to the forwards where they tried to kick it past the goalie into the goal.

BAM!! We heard a loud bang. The spectators went silent. All you could hear were a few giggles and a couple moms quietly whispering “Ohhhhh...” and a couple dads saying “Ouch! That's got to hurt...” The coach of the other team rushed to the goal box where the goalie lay bawling on the ground.

“Oh no! Are you okay sweetheart?!” (The coach of the other team was also the mom of the goalie.) You could hear the goalie say “no” through all the sniffling and sobs.

The coach helped the goalie off the field. The crowd clapped supportively.

Wouldn't you, if you saw a goalie hit her head on the goal post?

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