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Varsity Golf Team

October 17, 2007
By Anonymous

Making the Varsity golf team was a very meaningful accomplishment for me. I began to play golf seriously after eighth grade but did not fully appreciate the difficultly of the sport. I took it for granted by practicing sparingly. After ending up on the bottom of the team in my freshman year, I rededicated my summers to this new endeavor. I practiced harder than ever and did not see results immediately. After watching my classmates score better and better, I became discouraged, but not flustered. After more and more work, I finally started to see better results. Each day, I improved a little bit and learned a little about the game and myself. By my junior year I squeaked onto the varsity squad. Although I enjoyed my time on the varsity golf team, it meant more to me than others on the team. Through this experience, I learned the work ethic it takes to succeed. Furthermore, I learned not to take opportunities for granted. I did not appreciate what a valuable experience being a good golfer could be, not only in the short term, but also in the long term. Coming within a couple of swings of a titanium shaft of losing a valuable experience also made me look at a fuller picture. I could lose anything and everything I have accomplished in my life within seconds. Therefore, it is important to prioritize my life and take advantage of rare opportunities while they last. Every day I face decisions that could affect me vastly. If I would not have made the golf team, it might not have meant much to me then, but now I realize all that the team has really meant to me.

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