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The Big Game

October 8, 2007
By Anonymous

CRACK!!! The running back got pounded and lost four yards. I jumped up from the pile. The practice was over and the Big Game was tomorrow. The Lewis Falcons were pumped and ready to take out the Bruner Trojans. We had practiced all summer, and claimed victory in all our games so far. They were the only thing standing in front of a county championship, and we were going to take them down and out.

We went though school the next day nervous and excited. My friend Tyler and I were bewildered. How could you be extremely excited, yet somewhat nervous on the average cloudy day in Florida? It had been the same all week. This feeling was not any thing special, but everyone felt it. Gradually, three o’clock rolled around. As we all trudged onto the buses going home, our stomachs were in our throat, dreading the game, yet at the same time happily awaiting the challenge, and the championship.

Finally, five o’clock arrived, so we all showed up at the field, got dressed and loaded the bus. There was no more excitement (except for the coaches) as we bounded on the bus to our home field. Everyone was quiet, (even though you do not have to be quiet) on the way to the field. Gone was the excitement. All that could be seen was the nervousness of anticipation.

We arrived there and warmed up. Sadly, our stands, although nearly full, were nowhere near the Bruner stands. They were overflowing with people! Most of them were shouting mean and nasty things at us. The game was about to start and I wished it would not start for another hour. Maybe they would have to forfeit due to unsportsmanlike conduct, but that did not happen.

With a whistle, the game had begun. Our kicker (Hayden M) kicked the ball through the air and into the kick-off returnee’s hand. The ball got ran back for a touchdown, starting the game with a trailing score. The game continued for what seemed like days. It felt like unending torture as they systematically destroyed us, touchdown after touchdown.

Then in the fourth quarter, we ran a trick play that surprisingly worked! The quarterback was ready to hike the ball then he ran over to the coach as if he did not know the play. Next, the running back hiked the ball, which caught the defense off-guard. He ran a sweep to the outside and scored a touchdown, the only touchdown for the Falcons of the game.

The game ended with a score of 7-54 Bruner Trojans. We were sad, angry, and nervous. The coaches were going to be angry right? Actually, they were glad. Even in the end, we kept going and scored a touchdown. They were disappointed that we did not win the championship, but they could get over it. The Falcons were still in second, with one more game to go.

The next day at practice was NOT cool. Coach, although proud, still made us run about a mile and a half, “so you could be prepared for the last game and finish with a record of 7-1,” he said.

In the end we did. The Falcons won the last game, and finished second in the county, an achievement we were very proud of, (even though we were not first).

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