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Freshman Ice Cream

April 10, 2008
By Anonymous

It is a sunny hot November day and it is the practice before are first game we played some Colorado Springs team. I was already getting butterflies in my stomach. We do are game day practice and then we are done. I go home to eat well and get a good night sleep. My dreams were felled with big hits, ice skates, and game winning goals. The next day at school I wore my shirt and tie. The day went by fast and I went strait home my brother and I went to get are bags him a senior and I a freshman I had to get the bags. We drove back to the school to get on the bus. The bus took one hour to get there so we are already late for the first game. We get at the rink and they had escorts guide are way to the locker room. We got dressed fast and hit the ice. We started are warm up and I strutted around in my new number 10 jersey when are 10 minuets were up for the warm up we started it up. The first period was good we scored five goals my brother scored one of them. The second period came and I had the best chance to score the puck was shot on goal and there I was in front of the net with a big fat juicy rebound right on my stick goalie totally opposite side of the net and I shoot just in time for the goalie to jump back and make a lucky save off the face mask. I was so embarrassed I skated off with my head down. I got a lot of crap for it. The next period came and I had the puck on my stick I skated up the ice it is an one on one I skate right at him I made a move that sent the puck right threw him I picked it right back up and skated towards the goal I am about to shoot and BANG. I got clocked that was the most painful thing ever all I heard was,

“Welcome to high school hockey bro.” That was the big kid that just hit me I have never been hit so hard I was ice creamed. We ended up winning the game but I felt it for a week. I was still the most fun I had ever had.

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