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Seven Innings and a Lifetime of Memories

April 8, 2008
By Anonymous

"Are you ready?", my dad asked as put on my glove and got ready to take the field. "As ready as I can be!", I replied. As I took the mound my legs grew weak and my head got cloudy. I felt butterflies in my stomach like I had never felt before. "Play Ball!", said the umpire as the batter stepped into the batter's box. I leaned in to get the sign. It was a fastball my favorite pitch and as went through my windup and put everything I had into it, little did I know I had just threw myself into a Lifetime of Memories.
Pow! was the sound of the ball hitting the catchers mitt as the umpire yelled "Strike!" It was the third inning and the other teams best batter was at the plate. The next pitch I threw did not end up the way I had wanted it to and instead ended up going over the fence for a three-run homerun and his second off of me in the game. This kid was showing why he was one of the best hitters in the state. After all of that we were losing 8 to 6 with our last at-bat coming up. The first batter struck out but the next two were able to get on base and were on 2nd and 3rd as the two tying runs. It was my turn to bat and the butterflies were back stronger than ever. Five pitches later it was a full-count and I had one chance to help my team pull off the come from behind win. The pitcher got his sign and threw the ball with everything he had and I swung the with everything I had. Crack!!! the ball shot off my bat into the right-center gap for a triple and I had tied the game at 8 and now I was the winning run! Now I'm on a team with with kids from all over Texas and the next batter just happens to be the only other kid from Mexia like me. As Tyler stepped into the box all I said to myself was,"NO matter what you do Ty just hit it Hard." I took my lead off third as the pitcher went through his windup and threw a fastball right down the middle of the plate. For that split second you could hear a pen drop and my heart skipped at least 3 beats. Crack!!! Ty had hit the ball and had hit it harder than anything I had ever seen. He hit it right back up the middle and it happened to hit the pitcher right in the wrist! The pitcher fell to the ground and the ball rolled towards home plate and at this time I had finnaly came to my senses and was on a full sprint toward home plate! The pitcher picked up the ball and threw it home to the catcher and me and the ball arrived at the same time. I slid feet first into home and I slid so hard that the catcher couldn't get around me to catch the ball. when I hit home plate and the umpire yelled, "Safe!" I jumped to my feet and put both of my hands in the air triumphantly as I realized that in 7 innings I had just made myself a Lifetime of Memories.

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