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Dream of a Pole Vaulter

March 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Take a deep breath.
Steady yourself against your hollow tube
(125 though you weigh 130)
As you march to your 63 line.
(3 steps back from the 60)
Rock forward to your spikes.
Find your grip.
(Between the sticky old duct tape and the caution notice)
Teeter-totter goes the pole
As you twist your wrist at your hip.
(That’s gonna be sore in the morning)
Judge the wind.
(Slight to the right)
Judge the bar.
(63 feet away, 8 feet up)
Step back, rock onto your calf,
(Which will burn like the dickens later)
And go!
One (and) two (and) three (and) four (and) five
Bring the tip down!
(Slide it into its metal glove)
Shove the pole up!
(off your left foot)
Legs up, up!
(Watch the bar)
Twist in midair,
Fling the pole back
(Watch your arms)
(Hope the spotter remembers to catch it)
And fall to safety,
Having just cleared
Your 8-feet goal.

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