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The Final Pitch

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

Oh I thought this day would never come! It is finally here! The day our baseball team has a chance at winning the state championship game has finally came! I woke up feeling very nervous that calm Friday morning knowing that that day would end up being a great day if we would win or a bad day if we would lose. I knew either way though that I would remember this day for the rest of my life. I arrived at school and heard everybody talking about the big game that night and how they were all going to be there watching. The principal wanted everybody to be at the game to support our team; so, he arranged for the school to let out at twelve o’clock to allow everyone who wanted to go, time to get there. The fact that everyone would be there made me even more nervous. Our team left school at eleven o’clock to travel to Crowley, Louisiana, where the game was to be played. The ride there was very long, and I was getting even more nervous by the minute. All of my teammates were very nervous also. Finally, we reached the field. The grass was precisely cut and not a clump of dirt was out of place. This was indeed the nicest field I had ever seen in my life, and I was going to play on it. The team and I walked around for a little while examining the field and the playing conditions. After a while, our coach yelled out to us to go in and suit-up. This meant get dressed and get ready to warm up. We ran our sprints then began to warm up our arms. Since I was the starting pitcher that night, I had to make sure I was very warm. I could feel the blood pumping throughout my body as with every pitch of the ball, I would throw harder and harder. Finally after all the preparation, it was game time. We were the home team so we took the field first. I got on the mound and started to work. The opposing team, the Cardinals, wasn’t as good as it looked. I thought we had the game in the bag already; but I had spoken to soon. The first three innings went by without a problem, and we were starting to relax with our four to zero lead going into the top of the forth inning. This is when the game became interesting. The Cardinals battled back to score four runs tying the game. The game stayed tied until the bottom of the sixth inning when one of our leading hitters hit a three-run homerun making the score seven to four. This was it! All we had to do was keep them from scoring more than two runs and we would win. But it wasn’t going to be as easy as we thought it would. We got the first two outs without a problem and we began to celebrate early. But the Cardinals weren’t finished yet. They rallied with two outs to come back and score two runs making the score seven to six still in our favor. Our defense made two eras back to back, and I had just walked a batter loading up the bases. Now it was up to me to win the game. The batter approached the plate, and I began to get extremely nervous. I delivered the first pitch, “Strike” the umpire shouted. The next pitch was a ball. The count was one and one. Next pitch was a foul ball making the count one and two. Now I was in control. The crowd at this point became silent, awaiting the next pitch anxiously. I stared down at my target and delivered my pitch; that final pitch that could win the game. I knew when the ball came out of my hand that it was going to be the final pitch. The batter swung. “Strike three!” batter is out shouted the umpire. We did it! We won the game! Our fans went crazy as we were dog-piling on the field. We could now call ourselves champions.

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