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A Sestina for Volleyball

May 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Volleyball is my favoite sport:
recreational, school, and club.
During the fall,
we play every day.
In the summer,
almost just as much.

Tournaments almost every weekend day.
Playing non-stop all through summer.
I love this sport,
but sometimes it is just too much.
I can get so tired I just want to fall.
Sometimes I feel as if I've been beaten with a club.

This year we get to go to Texas in the summer.
for Nationals for a couple of days.
I went to Nationals for another sport,
but last year for volleyball we fell
short of that ticket we all wanted so much.
But, this year we are going for club.

I can't wait for this summer,
when I can be in the sun for a few days.
And I get to play my favorite sport.
I can't wait to be in Texas with my team from club.
Hopefully we won't fall
like we have so much.

This is a lot different than school volleyball.
We have to fun more pleys like in other sports.
Its not just simple volleyball unlike much
think it is. It is actually hard and easy to fall
into a slump and get beaten, especially more in open then club.
Club volleyball is not just a walk in the park on a sunny day.

So as you can see, I love this sport.
It can get to be a little much,
but I'd choose it over another sport any day.
Even though we have to play through summer,
I could play until I'm in over my head and i fall.

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