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Dear Barry Bonds

January 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Barry Bonds,

This season you beat Hank Aaron’s home run record and it’s a big deal to you, your fans, and the San Francisco fans. Well I have something to say to you and all the current baseball players. I think that in any kind of sport, the wussiest move is to use steroids and other illegal supplements to help you increase your hitting power. I’m not saying that you are a steroid user, but come on, Barry, many baseball players do so and some other players have said you have used illegal substances. The point I’m trying to make is if your goal at some point in your career is to break some kind of record, and it is for lots of players, then you should never got involved in this whole steroid controversy. Now your homerun record-breaking ball is in fact going to the hall of fame, in Cooperstown but the ball is going to have an asterisk branded into it as a constant reminder of the baseball age where some players were suspected of steroid use. Bonds, I know that every athlete should be everything he can be but when I hear that that athlete is using steroids, it makes me think that he doesn’t believe in himself and he doesn’t have the courage to train harder to become better without fake stuff in your body system. So to you and all the baseball players that want to break some kind of hitting or homerun record just remember, if you use steroids or some other illegal substances the people are going to appreciate that less than if you had broken a record with 100 percent natural strength.

Your (not so) friend,

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