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New Love

October 23, 2007
By Anonymous

I have fallen in love! I am not one to look at clocks frequently during the school day but good god, when you have a caring boyfriend like mine to look forward to after school, its impossible not to. He prefers me to wear spandex, asics and a slightly large t shirt that I can feel comfortable being with him in. He’s just right for me. Finally, a love interest that doesn’t require my Stewart Weitzman heels, an overpriced straightening iron and Vera Wang perfume. If I ever went to see my boyfriend in that condition that would be a funny moment and I would have to go change immediately or else things just wouldn’t work between us.
I don’t just like him because of what I can wear but he makes me forget about all my problems at the end of the day. He knows exactly how to make me feel better, I’ve never seen anything like it, not even my psychologist is this good. He lets me do all the talking. Every time I go to see him after school, he’s on time and my first word once he is carrying me is, “Quick start” and I pour my heart out to him.
Actually, I think it might be his drugs that do the trick. You’ve most likely had a hit too. His drugs let me go to a world where anything is possible. I get to be anything I want and I find power I never knew I had. If I have any doubts, disappointments or disgust he makes me give those to him because the drugs aren’t even effective if I don’t let them go. When I am too stubborn to hand them over and he doesn’t let me get high but he always gives me another chance to change my mind the next day. Coming back from the extravagant high isn’t usually glamorous at all. Physically, I am drenched in sweat and my hair is a mess. However, my mind is clear and I am ready to make it through the rest of the day without him. As I leave, I catch my breath, and make sure to tell him to reset and make sure I didn’t get any sweat on him in case he has visitors after I leave.
Okay, I know, I know, I’m dating a guy who gets me high, has other love interests and even though his dress code requirements are amazing and he takes care of my problems, I shouldn’t go see him. Well before you judge me, I bet you’ve fallen in love at one point too with him or someone like him. How couldn’t you? He’s strong enough to carry you for as long as you need him too, he doesn’t talk back, you get to choose wither you want to go slow in the relationship or fast. As for his drugs, they are legal, who doesn’t like endorphins and don’t tell me you haven’t heard of a runners high. Ladies and gentlemen, my boyfriend lives in a gym. If you want to find him, just ask for Tread if they ask for specifics his last name is Mill and lives right by the bikes.
I lied, a Treadmill isn’t actually a person and cant be my boyfriend. Maybe it would have been easier to of just said, I can’t fall in love and have a relationship with a machine, a soccer ball, weights, a track or any sport but they sure have helped allowed me to fall in love with who I am, inspired me, kept me away from drugs, made me see my mistakes as tips on how to be successful and made me a person a lot of people want to have a relationship with. Roses on my doorstep that will shrivel up in a week, that’s cute. What sports and staying active have done for me is beautiful and has made me a beautiful person inside and out.

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