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By Anonymous

   College football has long had a debate as to who is number one. Since college football is the only college sport without a national championship game, there is never a true number one. A classic scenario occurred last year when an undefeated Colorado beat Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl and 11-0-1 Georgia Tech demolished Nebraska in the Citrus Bowl. The argument was that Colorado beat Missouri on a fifth down play during an October game. But Colorado refused to admit the defeat because of a referee's error and so remained undefeated. Their schedules were practically even, with Colorado beating nationally-ranked Oklahoma, Nebraska and Notre Dame. Georgia Tech beat Virginia, Clemson and Nebraska.

Last year was just one case of a bogus champion being crowned. As it turned out, they were co-champions with the sports-writers voting for Colorado and the coaches voting for Georgia Tech. I believe a play-off should be created. If the players complain about the length of the season, start the season a week or two earlier. A play-off system leading to a national championship game would be the ideal way to crown a true national champion. n

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