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By Anonymous

   Hockey is the sport of concrete-crushing checks and stone-shattering shots. It takes skill and wit to master this dynamic sport, and the Catholic Memorial Knights varsity team has such proficiency. Being the number one organization in the country can be very stressful for a player. As in bungee jumping, some games you're flying, then the pressure hits and - snap, you're sprung back like a spider on its thread. I have been to many of the varsity's practices and numerous games, watching every move they make, hoping to improve my own game. One thing I have noticed is that this outstanding team is expected to win every game, causing even the perfect to make mistakes. Not playing up to your potential on this club can hit you like a raging pitbull, hurling the team into the pit of losers, because of the opponent's desire to send you there. Sometimes great tension can explode from the hockey players at this school, whether they are on the Frosh, JV, or Varsity team, or even trying out, they are sure to feel the stress weighing on them. Everything about this organization should be taken with a banker-like serious attitude. The practices are intense, lung bursting, and a tad bit stressful. With everyone worrying about what the coach will think and trying their best to impress him, these training sessions seem more like talent searches than practices.

However, hockey is a grand sport, and playing on this team makes pride rise up like fire out of a ruptured volcano. The school's involvement and enthusiasm toward the team give the players a strong and winning spirit that has not faltered since the beginning of time. Playing for the CM Knights' hockey team gives one a sense of honor and king's pride.

CM hockey is like a strong lion, ever-proud and rarely failing. And like the dreams of CM's opponents, this article has come to an end. n

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