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   The National Basketball Association is gearing up for the end of their season, and it is time to roll out the awards. These are some predictions for the accolades handed out:

NBA Championship: Can the choice be any easier? The Chicago Bulls, despite constant distractions, have basically breezed through the regular season. No teams in the Eastern Conference pose a major threat to the Bulls, but any team could win a couple of games against them. Out of the West, any team could come out a winner. The major contenders are Golden State, Portland, Utah or Phoenix. But we know that anything can happen in the championship series.

Rookie of the Year: Everyone thought Dikembe Mutombo wrapped up this distinction by all-star break. But since then his play has dropped off while number one Larry Johnson continues to amaze the experts and fans. Johnson will take his momentum into the balloting and win the prize. Other rookies playing are Stacey Augmon, Steve Smith and Billy Owens. From the Celts, Rick Fox will be fortunate if he makes the all-rookie team.

MVP: There are many star players in the league this year, but none of them are overpowering enough to take this recognition without question. David Robinson is out with an injury, so he has no chance. Karl Malone, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and John Stockton lead the usual list of choices. But this vote goes to Dennis Rodman, the Piston's rebounding machine. Without him, the Pistons would be nowhere. He has averaged almost 20 rebounds per game this year and should also be considered for the Olympic team. n

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