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Patriots' Perseverance MAG

By Anonymous

   The New England Patriots put on a thrilling show for all their fans on Sunday, November 20th against the San Diego Chargers. Their performance showed me something about how to love my life.

Although they were considered underdogs, they came out on the field with the desire of champions. They quickly jumped on top of the mighty Chargers with relentless defense and inspiring boldness. The powerful play of Maurice Hurst and Chris Slade proved the perseverance of the Patriots. Also, running back Marion Butts sprinted onto the field with a vengeance, trying to turn his luck around against the team that had traded him earlier this year. This was his best game of the season, gaining 88 yards on 24 carries. The irony is that all these players had a slow start to their '94 campaign, and many were criticizing their performance. The way they stuck to their goals was something that made me feel proud.

Too often in today's society people give up. The perception that professional athletes are only in it for the money is a point that many critics make. But, when athletes put on the extra effort for the betterment of the team, it puts those assumptions to rest.

The play of these three football players can have a positive effect on students. Sometimes kids get off to a tough start, and they feel that there is no way to turn it around. The determination these three men showed in order to succeed should be a mirror for society. Never give up, keep practicing, and sooner or later, things will work out just great. l

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