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By Anonymous

   I wake up in the morning, the house is silent,

It's later than I thought and I'm acting violent.

I wake up my mom and she yells at me,

The bus is waiting, I sit with Jenny C.

We travel to Fabius for a 7 hour trip,

I'm drinking a juicebox, April whines for a sip.

I step off the bus, I step into the snow,

I put on my boots, I'm ready to go.

The bagels are toasting, already hot,

I get up to buy one and Mike steals my spot.

Everyone's lined up to step out the door,

To hit the slopes and then go back for more.

Three at a time as we climb high,

Nearly straight up touching the sky.

Reaching the top we near the end,

The danger we face is about to begin.

I push off with my poles, the speed increases,

The faster I go the fear decreases.

At the end of the slope the lodge becomes clear.

As I pan the bus all are cold and tired,

As I remember the day, for a poem I'm inspired.

As we reach the school, I see my mother from afar,

I get off the bus and run to the car.

I turn on the heat and head to Jreck Sub,

Once I am home I slip into the tub.

As I lie warm and dry in the den,

When come next Saturday, I'll do it again.

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