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For Love Or For Money? MAG

By Anonymous

   Where is all the "love" in sports today? What happened to the Babe Ruths, Arthur Ashes and Jim Browns of old? Has it all gone toward money? These are only a few questions being asked today. With the baseball strike over, we may have a slim chance of the love returning to baseball, but I doubt it. How can America's youth erase such a bitter power struggle from their minds? They probably will never see baseball and other sports the way they used to.

The World Series used to be a spectacle for the public to see, but now it's just another reason to pull out your local bookie's number to place your bet on the big game. It seems today that athletes and spectators alike are after only one thing when it comes to sports, and that is cold, hard cash. How can kids today grow up to respect a sport that fights over money?

We, the youth of our generation, must fight to win back the love of our sports. If we can get enough people to remember back to the day they first learned to throw a baseball, catch a football, or swing a tennis racket, maybe then we can win back the love that professional sports is lacking.l

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