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The Swim Meet MAG

By Anonymous

   Bang! A dive into the cold, refreshing water brings a chill to my body. I start to swim a slow-paced freestyle. I think to myself, Wow! I am swimming the varsity 500 yards. My friend is counting my laps. I am tied for first place. Here comes my third lap; my friend is yelling for me to go. We both flip at the same time.

Soon I am a body-length ahead. My next flip turn brings me about a half a length ahead. My coaches and my friends are yelling for me to pull. My friend is yelling, "Kick, Jaime, kick!" I am now on my tenth lap and about a length ahead. I think, I am halfway done now. I'm getting very tired; my leg muscles are very tired.

We are now on the fifteenth lap. The other girl is starting to catch up. My coach is making the signal to kick. I'm supposed to go fast the last three laps. I start to pick up the speed. My friend is really yelling to me to go.

I am in my last lap and the other girl has really caught up. We are about tied. Everyone is yelling to me now. I start to pick up a little speed. I see the red and black flags that mean there are five yards left. I take one more breath. I hit the wall.

I look, and I got first place! In my mind, I am thinking Yes, I did it!! I get out of the pool and everyone is saying, "Nice job." I say, "Thanks."

I go to my coach for my time. He says, "Six minutes and 45 seconds. Nice job." I am now the varsity 500-yard swimmer. l

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