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I Live In Running MAG

By Anonymous

   I live in running.

Is this where you live?

I live here in running.

I live on accelaration avenue.

My friend lives on speedy street.

Do you live here in running?

Wind whistles past my face

As my feet patter below.

Boy, have these sneakers taken a toll.

My mind separates from all else

It's my time to think

To dream

To wish.

The feeling I get, the rush

Makes my body go numb

From the core straight to my skin.

To out-race a competitor - I won

Does life get any better?

If conflict arises with the motionless

My feet find their way to security - my sneakers

Away I go

To think

To dream

To wish.

The more strenuous my breath becomes

The fresher I feel.

Each time I run in my world

I hatch into something with vigor -

a revitalized individual.

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