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By Anonymous

   Where I come from, boxing is more than justa sport, it's a tradition and a way out of poverty. Boxing isnot easy even though most think all you have to do is work outyour arms and be stupid. People who really train to box workon their bodies for two hours every other day. Boxing takesdiscipline and ability. You have to think in the ring andstudy your opponents' every move and theirpatterns.

Boxing is about technique, not just going outand trying to uppercut your opponent's head. You must learn toconserve energy to go the distance.

Keeping your handsup is always the key. In practice if you drop your hands youget hit in the face, even if you're not sparring. Sparringplays an important role in a boxer's maturity. Sparring ispractice with an opponent to improve your skill but also toget used to fighting a real opponent, not just a punching bag.Sometimes all the hard work seems pointless when you practicefor ten hours a week and you beat your opponent in the firstor second round. Boxing is not for those who can't take alittle pain and hard work. Receiving the first punch is arelief (if you can take it) - it lets you know you won't diebeing punched around.

    After allthe work, when you come out in better shape than you were,with a winning record and self-confidence, you decide that itreally was worth all the pain and work.

I love to boxnot only because it's a great sport, but also because it'spart of my culture. Wearing the colored trunks of my homelandwith its flag instills in me an overwhelming sense of pride.

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