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The Point MAG

By Anonymous


The score is tied.
We head back out to thebattlefield.
I am the point. I'm the one who leads this team like a five-stargeneral.
I'm the one they count on, depend on, rely on.
If we mess up I getthe blame. If we win I get the credit.
I am the powerful point.
The refblows his whistle. The ball is thrown into my holy hands.
I dribble downcourt. My hand raised signaling the play.
I look right, look left.
I bustout a crossover dribble to my defender.
I look down at the post, no way of anefficient entry pass.
I break down to the top of the key to look for anotheroption.
The time ticks down, got to make a decision.
No one is open, Isignal for one of my teammates to screen my man.
I go around the pick and
The buzzer sounds and the ball swishes through the

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