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A Goalkeeper's Job

March 27, 2019
By Tweeny42 BRONZE, Campbell, California
Tweeny42 BRONZE, Campbell, California
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Moist, bright colored gloves defend my slim, sweaty, hands as a ball crashes into them. My tired legs distract me as the rubbery-plastic sphere sails toward me, but the practice has been seared into my memory like a tattoo, and I easily catch it. Except I don’t. The ball manages to fly over my outstretched hands and into the goal behind me. Guilt, anger, and disappointment crush me as my teammates frustration is expressed.

“Tweeny!” They say knowing that if only I were paying attention the point would not have been given. I feel tears about to come to my eyes, but quickly blink them away. This is my job; my fault. I signed up for it, and I must deal.

Most people underestimate goalkeepers, but we have the hardest job. Although we are the only players on the field who can use their hands, we must pick ourselves up after every mistake we make, and those mistakes are the ones with the harshest consequences. Sometimes we are forced to suffer through penalty kicks at the end of tournaments where pressure is high, and you are the only one able to stop the other team from winning. Goalkeepers put their blood, sweat, and tears into helping their team succeed, and because of that, we are strong.

The author's comments:

As shown in my article, I am a goalkeeper. I started out thinking it would be an easy enough position to play simply becasue you didn't have to run. I was wrong. 

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