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It's Just Confetti

February 16, 2017
By E.S.Black GOLD, Multan, Other
E.S.Black GOLD, Multan, Other
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Has your mother ever given you some money buy some grocery and you have done all of it and are still left with Rs.5 or have you ever asked your father  for money for some stationary and you save Rs.10 from the total……..or have your friends, family, or anyone else ever given you money to buy something for them and the man at the counter gives you back some change……well….what do you do with it?…..what comes to your mind when you see the little amount which means little to anyone else but you have a lot of uses for it? If you are trustworthy and honest then you will immediately put the money in your pocket without even looking at it and return it to its owner as soon as you can…. If you do this you are safe…..BUT IF YOU THINK that this money is of no importance to them….it’s such a small amount…. I have worked hard to get their things…… consequently I can now keep it…. Some people may think that now it is their right to keep the change and get some sweets…. We deserve some reward…..some may go as far as to think that this is ours and we are doing no wrong in keeping it…. It’s rightfully ours…..Then you have to pause….and you have to pause right now and think to yourself that …. Do you really believe what you are thinking?

What you are doing just now is the beginning of a very horrible and scary journey that will make you lose the most important things you own….your honesty, your honour, your self-respect, your love, your family, your friends and most importantly….YOURSELF ….. as you start taking little bits without asking and believe (or force yourself to believe) that you are right…you will soon not notice when you take big amounts and later you will even start lying and deceiving to wangle out money especially from your parents…. And your parents? ..... Well they have known what you have been doing all along but they love you so much that they won’t say a thing…. And what about you then….. YOU…. You will become such an awful person that you’ll soon stop loving anyone except those bright pieces of confetti that mean NOTHING….. You’ll even take all their money  from them.  Instead of supporting them you will leave them helpless and moneyless…. You will think that as you are their children you have a right to their money…. You will ask them for your SHARE in their property….and when you still haven’t gotten enough you’ll go as far as to wait for their departure to seize their property…their house…their money……you will even fight your own siblings whom you loved……whom you spent your childhood with… For what?????? You’ll do all this horrible stuff for pieces of confetti that has no actual value….you’ll do this for the Rs.5 coin that really means nothing.

In the end I would again like to quote my favourite author that…. “We’ve got both dark and light inside us….What matters is the part we choose to act on…That’s who we really are.” So….give a little value to your Rs.5 coin…. Don’t let it mean so much to you that you lose everything and everyone ….and stop now until it’s too late and the pieces of confetti engulf you in their mesmerizing beauty.

The author's comments:

Money has no real gains nothing....but loses a lot..... I only hope that the lust of money doesnot take me....

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