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Before You Say You’re Blessed

November 1, 2016
By GillianBorromeo PLATINUM, San Pedro City, Laguna, Other
GillianBorromeo PLATINUM, San Pedro City, Laguna, Other
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"The reward of a thing well done is having done it."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Blessedness. Being “blessed” is now turning more and more into an expression than it is a revelation or a reflection.  “But why is it important to know when to use it?”, you ask. Well, I ask you:  are you that eager for answers that you want them right away or are you that eager enough to be willing to read and find out yourself?

You’re still here so I assume you are the second kind of eager, the unpopular kind, the better kind. I must commend you for that. Last June or July I came across a quotation that said “Things and people can either be a blessing or a lesson.” Do you agree with this? I certainly do not. Many people believe that to be able to call something or someone a blessing, they must be what the person wants or is delighted to receive. Is not a lesson a blessing as well? More often than not the important and lasting lessons come after difficult situations, situations we are less than enthusiastic to be going through.

Biblically, to bless is to ask or impart supernatural favor. (If you do not know this like I haven’t till just recently, well, it is better when we know certain words well before we use them.) Therefore, blessings are forms of supernatural favor. Forms, meaning different kinds of it.  It is not limited to all the seemingly good stuff, material possessions, or to only the things we dream of.

We commonly say we are blessed when all is going well; we have a better job, get good grades, lots of money for more than our needs. But what about those people whose lives or situations, in our eyes, do not seem to be going well? Does that mean they have not any blessings? Like for example in our family, we do not own the latest anything; cars, phones, clothes. We still want things. Dreams are still dreams till now. But my family is complete, and that is a blessing. We may not afford all our food cravings, but we do eat at least thrice a day and that is a blessing. A lot of people have less but they are happy and they do not grumble, like most of us sometimes do.  Everybody has more; either more money, more tears, more friends, more work, or more troubles. You ask, is that fair? Who in the world said it was?

While from God all things come good, not all good things come from God. This essay is a blessing to me (and I do hope to you too). This was not something I came up with overnight. Nor was I the one with the idea. He delivered through much questioning and “why me?”s and painful comparisons. It is not a matter of perspective or mindset, but a matter of truth, that you are blessed with much and so am I and so is everybody else.

If you have been using the word blessed for a long time now, I hope this has helped you to use it more properly and abundantly. If you haven’t been using the word blessed, well, maybe it is time that you do.

When they say “count your blessings,” you don’t count with your hands. You count with your heart. When you ask God to reveal to you how He has blessed you, you’ll find there’s not enough fingers to count all the blessings you possess.

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