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An Overwhelming Moment MAG

May 8, 2016
By Kayashreya SILVER, Novato, California
Kayashreya SILVER, Novato, California
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I sit on the floor of my bedroom, my math binder in my lap and my pencil moving across my math review packet for the test I have on Tuesday. My computer sits next to my knees and I’m listening to Ed Sheeran through my earbuds. I have been sitting here for the majority of the day, trying to get thought the workload for school and trying to prepare for the two tests I have this week. I hate being like this. Trapped inside a house all day, surrounded by test and school work and not knowing when I will finish. It seems unending. I start on an assignment. I finish it, then pick up something else. This cycle repeats itself continuously throughout the day, making my head spin and my brain feeling fried. I want to be free, out in the sunshine, where the wind is gently blowing about. The sun is high in the sky, and yet I am unable to enjoy what it is giving off. I lean back from my math and look around me. There is a towel spread out in front of me and on which sits a flower decorated plate and is splattered with brown and blue paint. Some hours earlier I had been painting three clay balls of clay for a model I was making for chemistry. One is painted blue and the two others, brown. Two feet away from me is a big fuzzy ball of yarn that my cat had been playing with and had eventually gotten bored of. There are math homework and review papers everywhere. Formulas seem to be popping out of every inch of the papers, threatening me with their complexity and length. My body grows uncomfortably hot, I am burning. My agenda is flipped open next to my right foot, and I see all the work I have to do. Get my english reading done, get my paragraph done for that assigned reading, get my Chemistry model done, study for my stupid history and math tests, oh god. And that’s not even the end. Its seems like a list that reaches far beyond my eye can see. I can’t bear it anymore. I can feel everything closing on me. Math formula’s, my history textbook flipping it pages showing how much I still have to read, Spanish vocabulary, the book for English with its twisting and turning plot, they all come charging at me. I cannot breathe. I cannot do this anymore. I think about college and how much my workload will be then, and then I am caught in the tornadoe of my life. Objects of my different subjects whirl around me. I swirl around faster and faster, getting ready to let everything go and succumb to the end. And then I catch the tiniest glimpse of my baby face in a photo frame that sits on my dresser. I am smiling, my face in a toothless grin. My sisters are there next to me. We are all smiling. I want to feel happy like that baby. I take a deep breath and close my eyes, willing everything to stop. I come to a halt. I open my eyes and see that everything sits exactly where it has been all along. 

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