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Fish Attack

April 19, 2016
By Aspire_2.0 SILVER, Tirana, Other
Aspire_2.0 SILVER, Tirana, Other
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Oceans and their vast greatness have always scared me more than they did amaze. This is mostly a bad thing but it has its moments. No matter how big of a person you are, you are tiny compared to the ocean and what it contains. That’s why when I swim I can be overly cautious because of how vulnerable I am.

I was snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh with my family enjoying the warm waters and colorful fish. I was swimming next to a school of Masked Butterflyfish glaring at their yellow scales and smooth movement. I was quite inspired by their elegance and beauty. Trying to move in closer for a better look was difficult but worth it; well not in my case.

There I was floating and relaxing on my back. Closing my eyes and feeling a slight gust of wind. I felt something touch my arm so I quickly got in an upright position and looked around. Next to my arm was a piece of thin plastic. I picked it up and threw it away from me. All of a sudden I see two of the Masked Butterflyfish swim sonic fast and tried to eat it.

“ Hamsa, watch! I threw the piece of plastic and they swam towards it. Let me do it again please.” I told my sister.
“If this is stupid I’m leaving, it’s getting cold.” She replied in annoyance.

I had the piece of plastic in my hand and I was waving it around underwater to get the attention of the fish. I put my head underwater to witness it when out of nowhere the school of fish all attacked me and the piece of plastic that I was holding. I freaked out because I thought they might bite, and swam away as fast as possible while my sister stood watching and laughing. I didn't care if they were small but seeing a swarm of fish all attacking me was scary.

I finished eating lunch and wanted to get back in the water and see more fish and coral. About 20 minutes later I went back in with my mom. We swam away from the coral to see bigger fish swimming along the sea floor. I was taking a break just swimming around without my goggles when once again I wanted to see more. I wanted to go even closer to the coral this time. I put my snorkel on and went under water. The first thing I saw was a Masked Butterflyfish about 2 inches  away from my face staring me dead in the eye. I Screamed and quickly went above water and again swam away quickly.

“Twice in one day,” I said. “Never again, this is a sign.” I said laughing.

It was our last day before we went back to Cairo. I was packing my stuff and thought that even though I was attacked by fish, and was stared dead in the eye, it was a great trip overall. We got to the airport and went back home. I decided to research about the fish that attacked me, are they dangerous or not? Apparently the Masked Butterflyfish have small bristle teeth and eat coral. My big freakout was for nothing, I’m embarrassed. The fish experience was scary but still fun to be a part of it. Now I wait until next year where hopefully I will get attacked by more fish.

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