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Which Is Better: Book or Kindle

December 23, 2015
By ThisIsPuGGy SILVER, Yokohama, Other
ThisIsPuGGy SILVER, Yokohama, Other
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Recently, one of my friends feels depressed after getting teased for having a book instead of a kindle, and all his friends laughing at him for not having those 7000 yen (70 dollar) kindles.

One day, he asked me which is better, the book or the kindle. Because of what he said, I decided to take my time and explain about the pros and cons for the book and the kindle.

Let’s start with the book.  When you read a book, you always feel really into the story, instead of reading it from your kindle. Whenever you want to go back to a certain page, you can just put a post-it or something and go to the page you want to look at. For the kindle, you can only remember the page and swipe to the page you want to go to. According to newspapers and this website, it is said that you remember texts more from books than on kindle.
Yet, there are bad things too. Books can be really heavy and would be hard to bring to your school, and they could be destroyed easily. You could cause damage to a book with just turning a page. Whenever there are rainy days, you have a high chance of destroying your book as well.

The kindle has a really good cause too. You can just get book you need for school in you kindle, and you can carry that around, instead of bringing heavy books to school everyday. The kindle is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it that much during rainy days.
The kindle is has a lot of cons though. Even though battery doesn’t run out that quickly, it still has a battery limit. Sometimes, there might be something wrong with it since it's an electronic device. You don’t remember the text when you read from your kindle. Most importantly, the kindle has a certain amount of memory, unlike the book.

After I told my friend about this, he asked me and wondered about which is better. I thought about this, and said that the book was better because it makes you remember more of what you read, and even though it could be heavy, it makes studying easier.

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