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Long Distance

November 4, 2013
By Dametrien SILVER, Lewisville, Texas
Dametrien SILVER, Lewisville, Texas
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Roughly cramming my things into the back seat of my mothers shiny purple sedan, I took my seat. Not a word was said as we gently took off, the cars tires gliding on the gritty pavement. We made it to the highway, semi's and motorcycles loud engines buzzing past as we sped south. A light drizzle began, impeding our vision. With a soft click, the windshield wipers began swishing back and forth with a faint squeak. I began to doze off, the city twenty or so miles behind us.

Plip, plop. The rain was steadily falling, and I looked up, drool covering the sleeve of my blue plaid shirt. We were stopped at a exxon gas station, and my mom sat back in the car. She turned the key, the engine replying with a light chug, and soon after a light buzz. She took off, making her way back to the highway. The roads were mostly empty, but for a few cars that seemed to be local. We raced down the road, rain thumping the windshield like small marbles. I opened a pack of gummy bears I got for the trip, and nibbled them. We had 2 more hours to go, with nothing to do but stare at the empty fields blanketed in rain. I drowsily stared at the rain, my eyes attempting a emergency lockdown due to lack of sleep. I dug into my bag of gummy bears, hoping to find the answers to my dilemma. Just more gummy bears. I rested my head on the window, and dozed off.

The car jerked forward, and I woke from my slumber. I looked down, and the remnants of my gummy bears had been scattered about the floor. My mom shook me, and pointed. Staring at the street sign, my eyes attempting to focus. It read "gosling." My heart jumped in my chest. I had been asleep for two hours. We were almost there. The car drifted around the corner, and took off down the street. It seemed as though we were moving at a million miles an hour. The car turned into a apartment complex, and shortly stopped. My mom looked at me.
"I love you honey. Be safe."

"I love you too mom."

I stepped from the safety of the car, and began walking among the old buildings. I quickly glanced at the signs etched into them. "900-927. 800-827. 700-727. 600-627." Six-hundred-twenty-one was a second floor apartment, the door a pale white. I trudged up the concrete stairs, and stood facing the door. Lightly rapping my fist against the cold wood, the nob turned and my heart jumped. The hinges squeaked, and the door swung open. My girlfriend stood in disbelief, staring at me.

"J-... Johnathan?" Gently nodding my head, a thick grin smeared onto my face. She invited me inside, and we sat together. I noticed she was staring at me.

"You are shorter than I expected." She mumbled.

We both laughed.

The author's comments:
My girlfriend whom I love dearly, lives 3 1/2 hours away from me. On october 26, 2013 I drove 320 miles to see her for the first time, and I have never been so happy.

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