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September 12, 2012
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Last Friday I felt something that I haven't felt in a long time. We were all sitting calmly at school doing our map projects, when I suddenly felt the table shaking. My face went all red and felt like it was going to explode, the way I feel when there is an earthquake. I looked around, and no one else seemed to feel it so I just assumed I was being paranoid. But then my Geography teacher looked out the window, then looked back at me. "Is that an earthquake?" he asked me. "Yes.." So he told the whole class to get under the table. The floor kept on shaking for a while, but then it stopped. We got out from underneath the table, and most of my classmates looked baffled. "There was an earthquake?" They hadn't felt any of it. Then something clicked in my brain. No one else in this room had been through the big 2008 Sichuan earthquake except me and our teacher. That meant that even after 4 years, our earthquake sensors were still very high.

When we left the classroom for the next class, we told almost everyone we passed that there was an earthquake. The next class happened to be Chinese, so we sat down and started working on a worksheet. About 2 minutes before class was over, I put my head on my hands because I was still quite shaken up about the earthquake. While I was still lying there, my face went hot again, and I whipped my head up to see if anyone else felt it, but no one did.

Class was over, so we went to go and get our lunches. When we were sitting down to eat in the cafeteria, I though I felt an earthquake again. No, I told myself, there is no way that 3 earthquakes can happen in less that 90 minutes of each other. Near the end of the school day, when I passed our Geography teacher in the hallway, he told me that there were three earthquakes, all of which I felt, and that they all happened in the same place, Yunnan province. Then he told me three numbers that I don't think I will every forget. The first earthquake had a magnitude of 5.7, the second was 5.6, and the third was 4.8. These seem like very big earthquakes, and you might be wondering why no one else felt them, the answer is quite simple, the place where the earthquake took place was 864km away.

This event brought back many memories of what it was like to be in the 2008 earthquake, and now I am paranoid, thinking that every little bump is an earthquake. My friends thought is was really cool and fun to be in an earthquake, but they just don't get it. An earthquake is a tragedy, no matter which was you look at it.

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