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July 2, 2012
By Jesse-Marie- PLATINUM, Freehold, New Jersey
Jesse-Marie- PLATINUM, Freehold, New Jersey
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I looked up at the beautiful clear sky and sighed. I rested my head on his shoulders. My arm, lazily, was laying on his neck. I stood in his paddock with feet firmly placed in the dry earth, breathing in every moment.

He was munching away at his dinner, content with everything. I ran my hands through his mane, feeling the short and thick orange hair on my skin. "I love you." I looked at his ears pricking forward while he ate his hay.

"It's true." My mom looked at me while she had her hands on the wheel.
"It's not true! She wouldn't just put him up for sale over one minor thing." I looked out the window and hoped she was lying.
"Fine, check for yourself."

And so, I did. I went online and googled 'Appaloosa horses for sale in NJ'. First thing I saw? '14.2 hand gelding appaloosa named Appy for sale, only $3,500'. And the tears came. How? How could she go behind my back and put up for sale my favorite horse? My parents wouldn't just dish out 3,500 big ones for a pony.

I was standing in his paddock, arms slung over his neck, crying in to his mane. My muffled cries being absorbed by his thick hair. He wrapped his head around me, and I knew this was it. Our days together were numbered.

And here I sit, in my room, tear after tear, remembering the best horse there ever was. My favorite horse ever. Buckets of tears poured down my face, and my heart felt weak. I will always remember the horse that I loved the most.

The author's comments:
My horse. was. sold.

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