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The Beauty Within

May 8, 2012
By Behind-The-Illusion GOLD, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
Behind-The-Illusion GOLD, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
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"You only live once, so what do you have to loose."

I look down upon the small civilization of Glenns Ferry; from my high point of view I feel so close to humanity, yet my lonely presence accompanies me on this quiet little hilltop. Dull olive green sage brush sways below me as a chilling breeze swipes across my rosy face. An open space engulfs me as I sit in desiccated dirt and stare out past the barren region. I look past multiple plateaus until silhouettes of mighty mountains with smothered snow tops start focusing into my view. I peer up into the never-ending sky and notice how elegant the clouds dance harmoniously together to the rhythm of life. I shut the familiar world out of mind and focus on the natural gift of nature and the beauty of existence. I breathe in fresh air and the coolness tickles my nose; it consists of very little moisture yet it leaving me thirsty for more real world sensations. The simplicity of life amazes me.

The author's comments:
I love climbing this big hill that's next to our school. I get to see my whole town from the top.

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