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God will be my Healer

January 8, 2012
By KayLovegood GOLD, Eagle Pass, Texas
KayLovegood GOLD, Eagle Pass, Texas
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A few months ago, I had a Quinceanera. I had to loose weight to fit well in my dress, and I did, but my stomach seemed to stay the same while my other body features shaped nice and thin. After a few months passed, I started getting real strong stomach pains and got medication for it. Time passed again when mt mother started getting worried about the shape and size of my stomach compared to everything else. Since I don't have medicare my mom thought it would be wiser and inexpensive to take me to Mexico where believe it or not the service IS better. I took some blood tests and everything came out okay, except the doctor too thought my stomach was abnormal. about two days later I was scheduled for a Sonogram and an X-ray. Those two exams reveals that a cyst started to grow on my left ovary and grew to the size of a watermelon which caused my abnormality. Now, when my stomach was growing larger, my self esteem grew smaller because I was a bit over weight. Since it grew so big, my organs were misplaced and I needed surgery to remove it. Going to the doctor's office in Mexico is one thing, but surgery id another. So my mom wanted to figure out a way to schedule one in the U.S.. As soon as we crossed the border, My mom headed for the medicare offices, and got an application because now that I needed surgery and my dad had lost his job, we both knew we were shoe-ins. This all happened this week. until Monday we have to wait and see how corrupt or how generous America is to give us what we need for me to be healthy. But with all this, my heart has opened to god more than ever. I know that with him by my side nothing will happen unless it is in his will, because God will be my healer.

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True Story from 2012. :s :x

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