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May 20, 2011
By LookingForward1 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
LookingForward1 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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"All you need is yourself to guide the way, other people just get in the way, your better off alone."

Bullying is such a hard thing to deal with it. It makes people feel like they are nothing and that they are alone and hopeless even if they know that they have family and friends. And it hurts worse if they suffer from not having friends or family. Some people take it differently, some take it out as anger on their family when they have been bullied all day. Some are depressed, hide their feelings inside and harm themselves. Sometimes the victim feels like its their fault and they could of done something to stop it. I know someone who was the depressed time from this, she cut herself to get away from the pain because she felt like it was her fault. The bullying caused her to lose all of her friends besides one who stayed by her side, shes very grateful of her. This girl had attempted suicide many times because she wanted to get away from all the hurt. She is now in and out of hospitals getting help, which feels like its doing nothing and that it makes her feel like shes crazy. She takes many medicines, she just wants to live a normal life and all because these girls wanted to torment and tease her all the time, she cant be normal. Her parents are switching her schools and doing everything they can but its still not good for the girl because she has to live with the memories of all this pain and hurt that wasn’t her fault. She has no self esteem and self respect. She has lost all hope, and wants to regain it, she is still going through this. This girl is me, im the one dealing with this. I know live in poetry and music because I only have family that I don’t like being around because im so sad and disgusted with myself. I just wanna be normal and live a normal life like everybody else I know. But im still very grateful for the two people in my life outside of family who have been there through everything and wants me to get better as well. These people are matt and Stephanie, they are amazing people. Matt, is the boy I have been talking to for 6 months and we care about each other so much and he hates seeing me so sad. He is an amazing boy, and I would do anything for him. Im so glad he has been there for me! And Stephanie, this girl is my bestfriend she has been there through it all, I call her crying all the time. She is amazing. And im hoping I can get through this soon to get better. Next year should be better at a new school, but for the bullies out there. Word of advice ; think about how bad you could be putting these kids through, you don’t know how bad it hurts them or what their going through. Think about what you say before you say it.

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on Oct. 26 2011 at 7:07 pm
Musicalartist, Xxxxx, Other
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i saw you post on the other bullying paper, and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  There are many people - myself included - that are dealing with similar things as you.  You can get through it, Even though it seems like you cant.  I hope you feel better soon (and you said you were in the hospital - i hope you get out soon, if not already) and life will get better.  I promise.  (And i never break my promises)