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The Meat-grinder of Exams

March 12, 2011
By Gettysburg63 PLATINUM, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Gettysburg63 PLATINUM, Waukesha, Wisconsin
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Well, I survived the three worst days of high school I have encountered in junior year, exams. I logged in many hours for the five tests I had to take. The first day you take 3 tests. The second you take 3 more. Then lastly, you take two tests with an early release from school. Exams usually start at 9:00 AM and each last about an hour and a half. Then they give us about an hour for lunch in case we want to eat off campus. First, Hon. Algebra II, where I probably studied about five hours for this test the night before my first exam. Luckily, it was my only "real" one since I had study hall and strength class also. For strength and fitness class we had a written exam, but basically everyone should get an A+, otherwise known as a 4 at my school.

The next day was the day that I had truly dreaded. This day started off first with accounting, luckily I got an A+ on it. Then I had AP Language where I had to rhetorically analyze a speech Queen Elizabeth gave to her troops in 1588. Finally, there was AP Economics, the class I logged the most study hours on and the class I disliked the most. We had to know elasticity, utility, PPC curve, Lorenz curve, monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition, tons of graphs, ect. One of the most useless classes for an ordinary person.

The last day is when I could finally get some relief from the flak of exams. This day I only had Spanish IV and Chemistry. Both of which were fairly easy, but probably just because I spent about 4 hours studying for both of them. Then as quick as exams started they were over. When I came home my brain was still in overload. There was nothing more for me to do now, but to watch TV and dumb my brain down a bit.

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