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Found directions. But sharing the map. =)

February 27, 2011
By LightningForMyAllergies GOLD, White Bluff, Tennessee
LightningForMyAllergies GOLD, White Bluff, Tennessee
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When you look at me, you see only a fraction of my reflection, and my reflection shows only a fraction of me.

You and I. We were the ones that were lost together. We decided to keep going together, but we were wrong. We didn't know our decision was meaningless. Now, things have changed. Things always seem to change. I know how it hurts to be stuck behind. I was just like you. We cried so many tears together. Our other friends came and went, but we were positive that we were lost forever. We would go on walking in those same circles listlessly until our feet bled. We were bitter together. We felt jealous of the people who found directions together. We sometimes sat down together when we felt hopeless. We were so strong because we got up together. Friend, we were wrong! I know where we lost our directions. I found the map! I know you hated those others who left you behind when they found the map, but I want to lead you out of here. Please follow me. I have the map. Bring your other lost friends. We will escape these feelings of nothingness. We are going to get up and start walking again. You were prepared to do that much. You got up with your bloody feet preparing to follow in our old footsteps. The ones that we followed before when we thought that was the way earth treated everyone. I was so happy. My joy was overflowing, for I had found the map. I looked at you with my new hopeful eyes, and it pained me. Your feet were covered in blood, and your ribs were sticking out. Your beard was scruffy and gray, but you got up once more. You got up for me once more because somewhere deep inside you had faith in something better. As I sat there watching you, I didn't realize that you were blind. I was here, but you began following the trails of everyday again. They were all following you. No!! I cried out!! Stop, you are going the wrong way!!!! I began to run after you, but when my feet touched the trail of everyday again there was darkness. I couldn't find you. I couldn't see, and for a moment I almost lost hope again. Then, I remembered that I had something that I didn't have before. I had the map. I pulled my knapsack around my waist. I opened it up and grasped the map. I was so stunned by what it was giving off. LIGHT!! The map was emitting light. With the map in my hands, I saw everything. I found you again. I yelled for you, but it was as if you couldn't hear me. I didn't know how, but I was going to get you out. I ran after you. I got in front of you, but you walked into me. Your eyes were dirt-caked together. I saw now with the map. I screamed at you in frustration, but it was muffled because you were screaming yourself- that is why you couldn't hear me. Then, in anger I pushed you down to the ground with all my might. I slapped you. You didn't know what happened, but you got up again. You were used to this. The trails of earth had done this to you so many many times before. When you started walking again in the wrong direction, I felt no anger towards you, only mercy and compassion. I looked down at my map, and I squeezed it in one hand with determination. I knew what had to happen. I went over to you as you marched on. I was prepared to walk with you as long as it took. I grabbed your hand like a friend would, and I blocked your way with a hug. You could not move at first, but then the dirt on your eyes turned to mud. It ran down like rain. It was love. It was so wonderful.

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This isn't so much reality. It's more a huge comparison that got out of

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