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The Beach and The Wedding

March 1, 2011
By l.iney DIAMOND, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
l.iney DIAMOND, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
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The sky was blue with only the occasional white and fluffy cloud. The water sparkled with the glint of the sun reflecting off of it into my eyes. I sat out there in the sand and let the rays of light dance across me. As I ran around with my cousins, uncles, aunts and the rest of my family I noticed just how much they all meant to me. It felt like a dream that I never wanted to have drift away from me as we spent time together enjoying the feeling of sand seeping beneath our toes and the water brushing our skin as we slowly made our way into the waves of water. I could tell none of us were thinking about work or school all we were concerned about was right now and the precious time we had to spend sitting here sharing the beach with the seagulls and shells. We threw the football around as time passed right through us and it slowly came to our attention that the sky was beginning to tint with darkness as night approached. Reluctantly we walked back to the hotel and got ready to go to dinner. I went up the flight of stairs carefully trying not to trip over my striped towel along with my younger cousin. We shared a few laughs as we continued our way to the room and then waited until the holders of the key came, our mothers. The door opened and we entered the cold air conditioned room and got dressed up for our upcoming meal. The rehearsal for the wedding had occurred earlier and I replayed it continuously hoping I wouldn’t mess up with my reading. But for now I focused on getting ready for the rehearsal dinner and thought to myself, I hope this food is amazing.
As we arrived I saw my cousin and her fiancé along with a bunch of strangers who were obviously his family, along with many familiar faces. I sat with my younger cousin and my uncle and we laughed all night long as he made jokes about the menu and what he was going to order and my aunt continued to spill her water all over the table. We ate and toasts were made and then it was over. We drove back to the ocean side hotel all full from our meals of delicious seafood or in my cousin’s case chicken fingers. As I re-entered the room I went to the balcony and marveled at the incredible sight. The sky was a mix of pinks, whites, purples, and blues, I had never seen a sunset that made me want to sit right there forever and dance in the shadow of the clouds.
I awoke to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore and my mom and aunt talking. Slowly I took in my surroundings as my eyes began to see more clearly and I remembered with disappointment that I had a flight back to Massachusetts early the next morning. For now though I hung out with my cousin watching Disney channel and Nickelodeon until we finally found the energy to put on our bathing suits and have some fun in the sun before we had to prepare for the wedding. We walked outside and were amazed at the warmth of the sun. For the rest of the morning we sat in the sun letting the heat bake our skin which later of course I did regret. I threw around the football with my cousins and uncle then headed into the water and fought the fierce waves. I saw surfers almost take my head off and thanked my cousin for always pushing me away. But once again time passed quickly and we had to head inside after of course taking a quick swim in the hotel pool to get ready. I walked up the stairs again and took a shower. Then grudgingly I let my mom put make-up on my face after she did my hair and I had put on my casual plaid sundress. My cousin came out of the bathroom in her flower girl dress and ran out the door to go to the pictures. We laughed and watched as they took thousands of pictures of my cousin, her fiancé, and the rest of the wedding party.
The ceremony was quick and I read my reading with what I hope sounded like intelligence and confidence. I watched as my nana had soft tears roll down her face and my uncle handed his daughter to her husband-to-be. Then the wedding ended and it was time for the after party. But of course first we took a few group pictures. As we headed inside the DJ started the music and we took our seats. Then the music blasted and my cousin came through the doorway. The maid of honor, my other cousin, made a heart warming speech and then the best man made his speech showing off his humor. We danced the night away and took in the feeling of having each other around. I danced with my uncles and cousins, my aunts and my mom until the night began to wind down. We left with only smiles crossing our faces and practically skipped back to the hotel in our joy.
The wedding was an amazing experience. And the only thing I regret was the bright red sunburn that my strapless dress shows in every picture from that unforgettable day. I will always remember the sound of the waves crashing down on the shore. And the shrills of the seagulls, along with the beauty of the sunset, the sand, and that amazing way the sun’s light glinted off of the ocean and right into my eyes.

The author's comments:
Ever since that wedding I have wanted to return to North Carolina and I still look at the pictures of that beach that I took on my phone every day to this day. The memories that were made there are ones I will never forget and ones that i will treasure forever in my heart

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