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Treat Me as Someone Else

August 16, 2010
By jcroxas BRONZE, Ipil, Other
jcroxas BRONZE, Ipil, Other
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Treat me as someone else

It's been just months since I first met you. For the first few days, I acted like I don't know you. The feeling is just plain. We passed by the corridor without even waving our hands together or to just even take some time to smile. I don't even know your name. All I know is that you were someone who is new to our world. Someone whom I can never expect to be in my own little world.

But every time the day allows us to meet, the unexpected things come. Every time I see you, the feeling of something grows as if I am a flower and you are the water and my reason that I am growing.

At my first thought, we still treat each other like strangers.

But I hope that we'll treat each other as someone else.

Out of nowhere came, the time when I saw you standing alone while I am sitting here talking to my friends. I can still remember your innocent eyes looking at your phone, and then looking around, and back to your phone, as if you were just looking for the time for something to happen.

I can still remember my feelings that time. I wanted to call you and join us but, I was too shy. I feel like a puppet. Dangling around the elegant scene as I can see you glazing like the sun that shines so thin. Well, not as bright as I say, but bright enough to make my day.

I took a deep breath, gather some positive feelings around and called you. I spanked myself and asked myself, "Dang. Are you crazy?". I stopped for a while and took a good look for what I have done. But it was too late. You were already walking towards us, more specifically, towards me.

You sat down beside me and asked my name and I asked yours.

From then on, we then treated each other as friends.

But I treated you as someone else.

Slowly, I started to unveil your character. Slowly, I am starting to see your very own self. From an innocent person into a more loving one. You trusted me so easily that you had shared many things to me. I started to feel something that made me feel happy. We spend many nights talking to each other. We spent countless hours, making fun, having some merry moments and being with each other even if we're a mile apart. You always open up my day and never ever failed to close my night as I say, "Sweet feeling. Thank you."

I know that I will be your guiding star but I don't know if you know that too.

You treated me as your big brother.

But I still treat you as someone else.

ENOUGH! I just want to share this thing to you. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Now, can you treat me as someone else too? Someone whom you can call "Mine" forever?

The author's comments:
This made me tear up a little.

i know, i shouldn't act this way but you know, i am experiencing this already. but i will always love this person no matter what, even if this person treats me as someone whom i can say that i am not a lover but i will always love this person even if i am just the way i am.

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