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May 19, 2010
By rueebee21 SILVER, El Paso, Texas
rueebee21 SILVER, El Paso, Texas
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I can remember when we were tiny seventh graders.Yeah, I hated you. You were a person, who I knew that depended on others to do your work,who played almost every girl in our grade and the 8th grade and,got whatever he wanted-pathetic.You were someone that I could not stand but,things change.Remember we were assigned partners for that house made out of only 100 tooth picks?Ha,the way I made you actually work and,how I would shut you off quick when ever you just wanted a simple conversation.And,that how one complement changed every point of view I saw of you.I remember how you said that I have the beautifulest brown eyes in the world.One thing lead to the next. A week and a half it took until you asked for my number. The way you would always text me night or day and call me when we were a part.Of course Vince will remember that he still does that."You changed me,Ruby and I love that you did you made me see that people will not always do my dirty work for me."He said,he didn't just say it he said it in a way-he was sincere about everything. It was behind Unit E where you pulled me away from the track team and made me feel special,he gave me the butterflies.The good kind."Ruby, I really,really,really do like you a lot. I want to know if you would go out with me.?"He sounded so serious."Vince...Of course i would!" I say oh so excitedly and, I was, I was really happy with that decsion.One awesome way to start the second semester and a sad way to think that it would be difficult to be together over the summer but,we managed,remember.? Yes. Of course Vince would, we made it through 2 summers and 2 years. Something I never saw coming. Not even high school could tear us apart. We made it!Remember? All those memories that we made.Our third summer was the best remember.?How we managed to sneak off and hang out at the skate park without our parents knowing.Remember,this year? 10th grade. Where you purposed to me and where you broke up with me then realizing that what you did was a mistake then us getting back together and, you re-purposing to me certainly I do. And, I know that for sure that you do and always will.Remember our crazy night at the party over at p.c.'s(Abraham) something you and me will Never Ever forget.! It's gonna be 4 years you and me (not counting our break up)"the 4 Best years of our lives,Ruby Ann,the 4 Awesomest years with this most amazingest girl Ever." He said it with a tear in his eye."Babe are you crying.?" I say surprised "I'm happy that I have you in my life,you helped me through EVERYTHING and I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU,Ruby Ann" He meant every word that came out of his mouth and,I can hear it too."Vince, I LOVE YOU and I Always will and I want you to know that." I say it knowing every word was strong."You're beautiful and, no other guy will tell you other wise because,I'm a wreck with out you,you make me feel complete and, I Love that you make me feel so warm and" He said it with so much Love i guess you can say that it made me cry and as he held me I feel like we're just so perfect for each other.I can never describe how I feel with him. I'm In-Love with him Vincent Jude S. and definetly he will remember that.

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on Jun. 12 2010 at 9:39 pm
monicarane BRONZE, Strathmore, Other
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That was really sweet!